Huckabee Sanders Trashes Flake Over Senate Speech: He's 'Looking for Attention'

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Jeff Flake's rant before the US Senate on Wednesday, calling the anti-Trump lawmaker's speech a desperate attempt to gain national "attention". "He went to Cuba a few weeks ago and served as a mouthpiece for the oppressive Cuban government", said Sanders.

Flake faced a hard path to reelection thanks in no small part to his repeated critiques of the president, and in announcing he would retire at the end of his term criticized Trump for perverting the Republican Party. Sanders said. "If [he is] who they want to try to portray him as, why did they want to be, you know, with him for years and years in various activities, whether it was events and fund-raisers and other things?" "Sadly, I think it's really simple: I think Democrats don't want to see this president be successful".

"Give your husbands, your boyfriends her contact information", Sanders said, with Ivanka Trump adding, "We're going to have to send some people your way... my secret skill, matchmaking".

"I found it quite interesting that he is coming out to attack this president considering he is one who was recently defending an actually oppressive regime".

While taking question from reporters on Wednesday afternoon, it was only a matter of time before Sarah Huckabee Sanders made remarks that caused controversy.

Flake visited Cuba late previous year and argued he saw no evidence USA diplomats in Havana were attacked by the communist Castro government. "The president does so regularly, and to act as if we're anything but open to that back and forth exchange is utterly ridiculous".

But Sarah Sanders was having none of this B.S. after just yesterday she held a press conference that was waaaaayyy too transparent with the media on Trump's health.

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