Iran supplying missiles to Hamas in Gaza Strip

Iran supplying missiles to Hamas in Gaza Strip

Iran supplying missiles to Hamas in Gaza Strip

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu kept noticeably silent at Sunday's cabinet meeting regarding internal developments in Iran, apparently not wanting to give the Iranians any excuse to blame the "Zionists" for the protests there.

Lieberman told Channel 2 News Meet the Press, the three mortar shells that landed on Friday were manufactured in Iran and distributed to "many sources" in Gaza. Over 30 rockets were fired over the past month, close to the total of rockets launched since the summer of 2014.

The rockets on Friday were the first to be sent since December 18 where a two-week barrage shook Southern Israel.

The rocket launch from Gaza came amid a ceremony marking the 24th birthday of slain Israeli soldier Oron Shaul, who was killed during Operation Protective Edge in 2014 and whose body is now being held by Hamas.

Netanyahu has faced criticism from the media and several politicians who have demanded a more harsh response to the terror attacks.

Netanyahu suggested that "people who have never had responsibility for security for even a minute, or who have never made a decision regarding security even once", should "calm down". "I, along with the Defense Minister, the IDF Chief of Staff, the Shin Bet Director and the heads of the security establishment, am leading a firm and responsible policy". "Attempts to attack us have not ceased, but our policy is clear - whoever tries to hurt us, we will hurt them..."

On Saturday, the IDF blamed Iran for being behind the recent attacks. "They added that smoke plumes were visible in one of the targeted locations, east of Gaza-city neighborhood of al-Tuffah", it was reported. "Where the Iranian regime operates or is involved, it only wreaks havoc and destruction", the IDF said in a statement.

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