Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle DLC features Donkey Kong

Sonny Ross

Sonny Ross

What other port of a title for Wii U would you like to see on the hybrid console?

Nintendo's Wii U was host to some damned good games - but the system was a bit of a failure.

In their much anticipated Nintendo Direct Mini, Nintendo have today announced that Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. In the case of Hyrule Warriors, we'll get all the content from both the Wii U and 3DS versions of the game.

This artwork for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle shows Mario shooting some sort of laser gun that is attached to his arm. Behind him various rabbids and Mario characters such as Princess Peach and Yoshi are shooting their own weapons and leaping over piec
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While the game will largely remain the same, it will feature a new mode starring Funky Kong. In it, you will take control of Funky Kong, a character that has unique abilities like double jump, spin infinitely, float and swim better than anybody else. We do know that the entire game will be playable in local co-op, with one Joy-Con being used by each player.

Donkey Kong will be exclusive to this brand new adventure, which is planned for release in spring 2018.

This rebranded Definitive Edition will include all of the many, many DLC packs thus far - meaning you can play as Link's Awakening's Marin (yay!) and the gender-swapped Linkle.

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