Natalie Portman Thanked Police Officers For Wearing Black

Tracee Ellis Ross Emma Stone Billie Jean King

Tracee Ellis Ross Emma Stone Billie Jean King

While introducing the nominated directors with Ron Howard, Portman, who has directed A Tale of Love and Darkness, Eve and NY, I Love You, said, "An here are the all male nominees".

Portman wasn't even nominated, but somehow she walked away with all the awards. Her quick, but important remark was subject to a collective roar from the audience, which was their seal of approval.

In the closing moments of Oprah Winfrey's ground-shaking speech at tonight's Golden Globes, as gathered celebrities began the gradual process of picking their jaws up off the floor, one question naturally must have sprung to mind: How on earth do you follow THAT?

Greta Gerwig was genuinely robbed, though, although she was allowed to be the one to speak when the film won best comedy.

Winner Guillermo del Toro did not specifically acknowledge Portman's comment, but as the music swelled to play him offstage, he asked for it to stop - and then took time to praise "a few fantastic women" who had worked on the film.

That was Barbra Streisand who won in 1984 for her film Yentl.

America Ferrera brought a very special date to the 2018 Golden Globe Awards: her barely-there baby bump. "Today I wear black to be in solidarity with all people who have suffered discrimination, harassment, abuse in the workplace".

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