Netflix 'still exploring' possibility of Nintendo Switch app

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First Nintendo Switch Emulator Is In Experimental Phase Of Development

As we reported back in September, a Netflix customer service representative mentioned an app was ready to release for the Switch, but the company was waiting on approval from Nintendo.

The emulator, which is named Yuza, is described as "experimental" and "open source" on its official website.

Hopefully, Yuzu stays that way. Nintendo's goal for the Switch's second fiscal year is to sell 20 million consoles, and if it can do that, the Switch will be well on its way to being a big success. Similarly, he questions how "useful" investing in 4K technology would be given it is now embraced by a relative minority of users; he also questions how much "novelty" Nintendo could bring to 4K support compared to its competitors. Due to the similarities between Switch and 3DS, yuzu was developed as a fork of Citra. That's because it was also released on the Wii U, which paved the way for running on PC via the Cemu emulator, and rendered at 4K resolution, no less. We will have to wait and see-for now, Yuzu does not run any commercial games.

It has to feel pretty good to be a Nintendo executive right now. While emulator developers argue that fair use applies (provided you own the game you are emulating on another platform), Nintendo is very much against the practice.

The software development team which created the Nintendo 3DS PC emulator tweeted: "Announcing yuzu, the first Nintendo Switch emulator that does all of the things you didn't need it to do!"

At TechRadar we've already acknowledged that the console's more mature games are a huge improvement for Nintendo.

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