New Year's Eve celebrations kick off as world welcomes in 2018

WATCH: New Zealand welcomes the New Year with a fireworks show

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Festivities have begun around the world as revellers cheered the advent of the New Year, with Australia, New Zealand and Japan being some of the first countries to bid farewell to 2017. New Zealand's time is 7.30 hours ahead of India, so for the first time every year the New Year celebrations start right here.

Countries from across the world welcomed the year 2018 amid spectacular fireworks. Sydney fireworks wowed the crowds around the harbour which was jammed to capacity by midnight.

The traditional New Year's Eve party at Times Square, New York City, is expected to be one of the coldest in recent years.

Meanwhile, there were colourful displays, music and festival vibes as people celebrated throughout neighbouring China.

On the other hand, pyrotechnics also marked the arrival of 2018 in New Zealand where people were seen partying hard to celebrate the new year.

Many Filipinos believe that noisy New Year's celebrations drive away evil and misfortune.

A large number of people gathered outside the nightclub to remember the victims of the attack today.

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