Ops will move to north this year: Army Chief

Ops will move to north this year: Army Chief

Ops will move to north this year: Army Chief

"We understand China is a powerful country but we are not a weak nation", Indian army chief General Bipin Rawat told a press conference when asked about the border dispute. Pakistan is sending messages regularly to return to ceasefire.

Amid aggressive Chinese efforts to increase its influence in the region, the Army chief said India can not allow its neighbours to drift away to China.

The Army chief said China has emerged as a powerful country, adding that dealing with the Communist giant was the government's job.

"We are examining various dimensions of the proposal", he said.

Speaking in the run-up to the Army Day on January 15, Gen Rawat also said "Pakistan's nuclear bogey" will be thoroughly exposed if it actually comes to a war with the western neighbour, which often brandishes its short-range Nasr (Hatf-IX) nuclear missiles as a battlefield counter to India's "Cold Start" strategy of swift, high-intensity conventional attacks into enemy territory. "If you are putting a map of Jammu and Kashmir, then you may as well put maps of every state", Rawat said.

Hundreds of Chinese and Indian troops faced off previous year on the Doklam plateau, a small strip close to the intersection between China , India and Bhutan.

"The time had come for India to shift focus to its northern border".

"US has exerted pressure on Pakistan, but there are compulsions on U.S. also to maintain relation with Pakistan", Gen Rawat said adding that both Pakistan and the United States understand this.

The stand-off was resolved after Prime Minister Narendra Modi intervened and took up the issue with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Hamburg during the G-20 summit previous year. "We also need to build capacity to move forces from western sector to northern sectors", he said. Hiranyagarbha - the Terrabit Transport Cross Connect, a trusted network router & Army Air Defence Deployment Simulator System (A2D2S2) were also unveiled.

"But to say complete pressure has been put on Pakistan... let us see it is a step by step process". We will not allow our territory to be invaded by anyone.

"The other issue is madrasas, what is being incorrectly informed to them (students) is from madrassas and masjids", he said. "I think we should wait and watch", he said.

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