Overwatch League's Streaming Deal With Twitch Reportedly Worth At Least $90M

Maricris Jose
            		      2:09 PM

Maricris Jose 2:09 PM

When asked if the new league is a way to promote the games or a way to drive revenue through the competitions themselves, Kotick said it was both. It has also announced plans to add custom Overwatch League "cheermotes", which will be revealed at a later date. Otherwise, you can stream them on Overwatch League, Twitch, or MLG.

Sports Business Daily report the deal is worth $90m, a substantial chunk of change, although their sources claim this may not all be tied up in broadcasting the Overwatch League, but could speak of further collaboration between the two companies under the same deal.

The inaugural Overwatch League season will take place between now and June, with all games being enacted at Blizzard Arena Los Angeles. Overwatch League has different teams associated with different esports clubs. Blizzard will also make recordings of previous matches available for anyone unable to tune in live. The Pacific Division features teams like the Los Angeles Gladiators and the Seoul Dynasty, while the Atlantic side covers a similarly wide range of geography, including the Houston Outlaws and the London Spitfire. Playing for a city might help teams to develop local fan bases more rapidly, but it may discourage interest in global viewers who don't feel represented.

As many young consumers, particularly young males, watch less traditional television, platforms like Twitch believe they are positioned to pick up some of that slack.

It's East vs West in the battle of the best Overwatch players as Day 1 comes to a close. Each skin costs $5, or 100 tokens. Each of the game's 26 characters receives 12 new skins, each themed around one of the dozen teams participating in Overwatch League's first season. 312 skins have been introduced to the game, the largest batch in its history, allowing players to wear the "jersey" of their favorite team. Or you could buy 2600 Tokens (enough to dress every hero in your team's colors) for $100.

Each team will play a total of 40 games in the regular season split down the middle with 20 cross-division games and 20 within division.

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