Paladins to get a PUBG-like battle royale mode called Battlegrounds

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Battlegrounds features "more than four dozen outposts" and staple features of battle royale modes like a shrinking play area, looting for gear and scouting for zeppelins high in the sky, which will drop "legendary gear" onto the playing field.

Welcome to the Hi-Rez Expo, Hi-Rez Studios' yearly event that celebrates the developer's library of games.

Hero shooter Paladins is adding a new battle royale mode called "Battlegrounds", an entirely unique addition that by no means is meant to reference any other game.

Paladins: Battlegrounds has been designed from the ground up to be played in teams, according to Hi-Rez, and players will have to stick together to survive. Feline fans will be happy to learn about the new mount type, Battle Cats; the first one is the Primal Prowler and will be exclusively available for free to Twitch Prime subscribers.

Chisam also admits that opting for Battlegrounds is sure to "get a little bit of buzz" in the current climate, and that "no one will have too many doubts" about what kind of game mode Paladins: Battlegrounds offers.

Announced at Hi-Rez Expo 2018, the mode will drop 100 players onto a big map and, as a fog closes in, players will have to knock out their opponents with weapons they find scattered about. Of course, the Paladins mechanics of hero abilities and mounts will also be brought over to Paladins: Battlegrounds to add more flavor to the game. The last team standing will win; it doesn't like it will be possible to play solo. It will be available alongside a new map, Trade District. The magician "rides a summoned two-headed dragon into battle, feeding it snacks to reload its magical energy".

When Paladins was released in September 2016, it immediately drew comparisons with the massively popular Overwatch, which was released a few months earlier that year. A new, cinematic trailer has been released to start off the year.

The new game mode, true to its name, draws heavy inspiration from PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

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