President Trump Wants A Border Wall In Exchange For Keeping DACA

Courtesy AP

Courtesy AP

Members of Congress involved in the immigration negotiations had requested the information from DHS, according to a DHS administration official.

President Trump has told Democrats that he will not sign any bill regarding protections under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program without funding for The Wall being including in the legislation.

The congressman says the president is using immigration reform as a bargaining chip in getting what he wants.

The Democrats want to make DACA the focus of January's negotiations around funding the government, and Trump sees this as the ideal moment to throw in his border wall gambit.

In the last few days, the White House has told lawmakers it wants $18 billion over the next decade to construct a wall along much of the U.S. -Mexico border. Dick Durbin said in a statement.

President Trump this week asked Congress for $18-B to pay for the 1st phase of The Wall's construction.

Two other Republicans late on Thursday said the sides remained far apart.

Trump will host a bipartisan meeting early next week to discuss the issue.

Besides the border wall, it included the hiring of 10,000 more Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and 300 federal prosecutors.

Democrats have been trying to push for a permanent DACA solution in exchange for funding the government. "Bipartisan negotiations continue in good faith among senators who understand what is at stake, and I will continue my efforts to reach a bipartisan agreement".

Durbin is now working with four other Senators, three of whom are Republican, on a deal that will protect DACA while also beefing up border security, but it appears Trump's demands could stall talks.

The struggle over the "Dreamers" carries political weight for both parties heading into the November 2018 midterm congressional elections.

Trump also said he wouldn't sign unless Congress agrees to overhaul the legal immigration system, telling reporters at Camp David that any deal must include an overhaul of the family-based immigration system, as well as an end to the Diversity Visa Lottery.

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