Russian FM Lavrov Berated US Foreign Policy He Called Reckless

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov attends a ceremony to unveil a commemorative plaque dedicated to Russian former ambassador to Turkey Karlov in Moscow

Russian FM Lavrov Berated US Foreign Policy He Called Reckless

Iran warned Saturday that it won't accept any changes to the nuclear deal.

"The actions of [the U.S.] administration demonstrate fear of fair competition in a number of areas, [particularly] energy, gas supplies to Europe, when instead of Russian gas, supplies of US liquefied natural gas are imposed, which is significantly more expensive.

For a start we suggest everybody should calm down and freeze any confrontational actions, in the first place, military activities, be it missile launches, nuclear weapons tests or large-scale exercises, which the United States has held and still holds in the region jointly with the Republic of Korea and Japan", Lavrov said.

He said the United States could not dictate policies and threaten countries because it is no longer the only superpower worldwide.

Trump has frequently ridiculed and threatened North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un over Twitter, calling him "short and fat", a "maniac", a "bad dude" and "rocket man".

Lavrov also said the USA move "would not calm the situation" in Syria's Afrin district, which borders Turkey, adding that Russian Federation expects Washington to explain its move.

Lavrov called the new USA demands to Iran "deplorable, " saying they raise doubts about Washington's ability to observe worldwide agreements.

The US leadership's recent statements about possibly ending the Iran nuclear agreement "bring no optimism or stability", Lavrov said during his annual beginning-of-the-year press conference.

Senior Policy Adviser to the Secretary of State Brian Hook said last week that the Vancouver ministerial meeting "supports all of our efforts collectively" and Washington would inform non-attending parties about the discussion once the meeting ends. The White House motion in December sparked outrage across much of the Middle East over a highly sensitive topic previously left alone by former administrations.

However, Iran has been fulfilling its part of the deal, Lavrov said on Monday. It is the defense industry, the sanctions imposed on the Russian defense sector.

Iran failure - a message to North Korea?

He accused the United States of trying to persuade the European Union not to complete a proposed gas pipeline that would divert Russian gas from pipes running through Ukraine.

Trump in December described Russian Federation as "not helping" with the North Korean situation, adding, "We'd like to have Russia's help - very important". The Kremlin denies the accusations.

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