Two planes involved in ground collision at Toronto airport

WestJet says one of its flights inbound from Cancun Mexico with 168 passengers and a crew of six was stationary and waiting to go to a gate when it was struck by a Sunwing aircraft moving back from a gate

Two planes involved in ground collision at Toronto airport

An explosion caused by two planes colliding at Toronto's Pearson Airport anxious passengers and delayed flights on Friday (January 5). The passengers and crew members were swiftly moved to safety after the mishap.

Officials say an empty Sunwing plane struck a WestJet aircraft - inbound from Cancun, Mexico, with 168 passengers and six crew members - while both planes were on the tarmac.

The collision caused the empty Sunwing jet to catch fire and terrified passengers on the other plane watched as flamed engulfed one of its wings.

A video shot from close range by an eyewitness went viral on social media platforms just after the incident.

Amid the screams, one person yelled: 'Calm down, that's not our plane on fire'.

Spokeswoman Lauren Stewart says the WestJet passengers were evacuated from the aircraft via emergency slides.

Westjet has confirmed that all the passengers and crew were evacuated safely. "Emergency crews were on hand and responded immediately", the airline tweeted.

The Greater Toronto Airports Authority said passengers were removed from the plane as quickly as possible, and emergency services responded to aid in the safe exit of passengers via emergency slides.

When the incident happened, the temperatures in the city were as low as -21 C, making the evacuation more hard.

Investigators are reportedly gathering information about the incident, including "how many ground crew were present, how many are required [and] what the procedures are for this type of maneuver", a Transportation Safety Board of Canada spokesperson told CBC.

One of the eyewitness Gustavo Lobo said to CBC News "It was chaos".

He further added, "We looked out the window and saw that the plane had backed up into us".

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