Vivo Showcases the World's First Smartphone with an In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

Notably, Samsung was rumored to include an in-display sensor in the Galaxy S8, but reportedly opted not to because the tech wasn't ready.

The company said that it will announce the availability of its first smartphone with an in-display fingerprint scanner in early 2018, though a date was not specified.

Synaptics unveiled the first in-display fingerprint scanner late past year and the company also revealed that the first phone to sport the new technology would would be launched at CES 2018, in Las Vegas. The phone was revealed at the Consumer Electronic Show 2018 just hours back and in the process has become the first company to do so.

Powered by Synaptics, the Clear ID Optical Sensors are faster, convenient and secure over other alternative biometrics. We might even see it at MWC 2018 that will be held in February. (It doesn't work in LCDs due to their need for a backlight.) Synaptics said that it's already begun mass production of the Clear ID sensors, and that as many as 70 million units will be made available to OEMs this year.

Vivo says that the device indicates when it needs you to place your finger on the display, the company says that a fingerprint image will appear on the display where you need to place your finger, after which the phone will unlock. The in-display fingerprint technology unveiled by Synaptics only works with OLED displays, and indeed, the handset will feature an AMOLED display.

The mechanics of setting up your fingerprint on the phone and then using it to unlock the device and do things like authenticate payments are the same as with a traditional fingerprint sensor.

Till now we have seen phones with fingerprint scanners either in the front bezel below the display or in the back panel.

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