At least 18 dead in Hong Kong bus crash

At least 18 dead in Hong Kong bus crash

At least 18 dead in Hong Kong bus crash

A double-decker bus crash happening Saturday in the Tai Po area of Hong Kong has claimed the lives of 17 men and 2 women, with dozens of injured survivors.

Police told Xinhua earlier that 19 people were killed but the death toll was later revised down to 18.

Footage from the scene showed rescue workers cutting open the roof of the bus, operated by the Kowloon Motor Bus Co.

A passenger, who had his right leg bandaged, said the double-decker was going fast when the accident happened. Senior police superintendent Li Chi-wai, of New Territories North, said the driver likely was "speeding when driving down a slope, lost control" and then "turned over on its left".

Separately in Indonesia, at least 27 people died when a bus carrying domestic tourists crashed on the island of Java, police said yesterday.

"It was much faster than I normally felt in a bus".

The firm said it would set up an investigation team to probe the cause of the crash. It was really chaotic on the bus.

Many injured passengers were sitting by the road awaiting medical help.

A company executive also said $HK80,000 (NZ$14,100) would be paid to the families of each victim.

So said the driver was familiar with the route and had not been working overtime recently.

While Hong Kong has a well-developed and generally safe public transportation system, fatal bus crashes have persisted.

In July 2003, 21 people were killed when a double-decker fell off an elevated road after being hit by a lorry.

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