Black Panther Was Disappointing to Say the Least

Black Panther Was Disappointing to Say the Least

Black Panther Was Disappointing to Say the Least

What we've come to expect from a marvel movie, as well as any action/adventure movie is displayed in Black Panther, but it is done so well and is so intricately characterized with the Movies style that the film rises from standard to fantastic. If we don't say anything, then we don't have a problem so why should you?

Black Panther takes these traditional and contemporary African Designs and uses them to help build a world that has its people wearing powerful, bright and prideful clothing; something thats fits perfectly with the mindset of the countries peoples. Slowly but surely the standalone pic fell into place, though it wasn't until Chadwick Boseman's MCU debut in the aforementioned Civil War that Moore and Cole had a sudden realization: Black Panther could be so much more than your standard superhero origin story.

It's hard to watch this debate develop without examining the film's characters.

The debate surely proves one thing: Black Panther matters.

Just yesterday we posted on the excitement had by many Atlanta travelers as the ATL airport had a gate that said flights were heading to Wakanda, the magical land in Marvels's Black Panther. Rarely do mass audiences enjoy a movie that takes place nearly entirely in Africa, and even more rarely is the Africa that we see depicted as stunningly attractive. Ultimately, it wasn't a good film.

"We all had that same thing where we had yearned for these types of images and we hadn't seen them", she said. I'd be very surprised if the film didn't break yet another record this weekend for eager-ass writer-types churning out their thoughts at a rapid clip.

Where the artistic design of the film was not taken too far was in the representation of Africa and the tribes of Wakanda.

Does that mean Bucky will replace White Wolf?

Marvel has already come under fire after it failed to include a relationship between Okoye and fellow Dora Milaje warrior Ayo. "But we always had conversations about what that final end scene could be and that version of that".

Marvel likely wouldn't want to rush out a potential sequel, meaning they would want to allow plenty of time to write the script, shoot the film and the edit it. If you don't hear us, maybe you're not listening.

Marvel has yet to release a film portraying a LGBTQ+ romance. Black Panther totally crushed The Last Jedi.

The film with the nearly all-black cast was expected to do well, but its four-day holiday weekend opening haul of $242 million in the United States and $427 million worldwide was better than expected. Today also also sees The Walt Disney Studios cross $1 billion at the global box office for 2018 after just 52 days.

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