Borked Apple devices are making bogus 911 in California

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Borked Apple devices are making bogus 911 in California

Emergency dispatchers from Elk Grove and Sacramento County in California have seen a significant increase in false 911 calls, with the source being the Apple fix facility in Elk Grove.

There is a fix facility in Elk Grove, California where Apple devices go to be restored and refurbished. However, emergency responders can sometimes hear people in the background talking about Apple, Apple devices, or maintenance and repairs. According to Elk Grove Police, with 20 false alarms per day, it takes away valuable seconds from legitimate emergency calls. Apparently, fix technicians are accidentally setting off the Emergency SOS feature which was added back during the launch of iOS 11.

While annoying for police, the volume of the calls is not enough to overwhelm operators or put the public in danger from missed 911 calls, we're assured.

'We're aware of 911 calls originating from our Elk Grove fix and refurbishment facility, ' a spokesperson told CBS.

Apple's iPhones are causing trouble in Elk Grove and Sacramento County in California, as too many accidental 911 calls are coming from one of the company's fix facilities in Elk Grove.

'We call back and find out, 'oh it was my Apple Watch, I was exercising or I hit it wrong or hit the wrong button, ' a dispatcher told Michigan's WNEM. Officers eventually worked out the calls originated from the Apple campus on Laguna Blvd, and further traced the source to its fix workshop.


"We take this seriously and are working with local law enforcement to investigate the cause and ensure this doesn't continue", an Apple spokesperson told CBS 13 Sacramento.

On the Apple Watch, the process is even easier. When the calls began they appeared to follow the release of iOS 11 in September, which introduced an "Emergency SOS" feature that can automatically call emergency services and contacts through a series of gestures.

The latest Apple Watch has become notorious for accidentally calling the cops thanks to a minor design flaw that was meant to improve its user interface. Just by pressing a single button, an SOS alert toggles on and 911 calls are placed immediately.

Have you ever accidentally called 911 using SOS on your iPhone or Apple Watch?

The issue is likely this SOS feature.

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