Facebook's NEW dislike button lets you 'downvote' bad comments

Facebook's NEW dislike button lets you 'downvote' bad comments

Facebook's NEW dislike button lets you 'downvote' bad comments

Facebook is testing a new "downvote" feature on a limited number of public pages as a way to moderate comments, and the company is adamant this isn't the oft-requested dislike button.

A select few users noticed Thursday a "downvote" option appeared underneath comments on posts, next to the "like" and "reply" buttons.

The new downvote button is available on certain public pages for about 5% of Android users.

Only a small group of users in the United States are testing it and if successful, the feature may be rolled out to all Facebook users. While the Like button or Reactions is meant to put an open expression against a post, the downvote button won't provide feedback to "commenters" instead it will be sent directly to Facebook.

At this time Facebook says it isn't using the downvote button to affect how comments are ranked, a la Reddit.

Thus, the Facebook downvote button would help the company to display better and "meaningful" interactions, along with complementing the surveys that the company is using now to understand the public perception of news sources.

A couple of years ago, the social media giant introduced reactions to posts where a user could provide "angry", "laughter" or simple "like" reactions. The functionality of the button is quite close to long wished "Dislike button". Martin Garner at CCS Insight notes that the new button could be a part of Facebook's effort to shrug its image of a publisher, according to BBC. He said in December 2014 that he did not want to make Facebook a "voting mechanism". Share in comments with us about your opinion on the "downvote" option.

TechCrucnch speculated that this downvote button will only appear on public pages at the start of its rollout, the comment sections most susceptible to trolling and malfeasance.

The company has denied that this is a "dislike" button as a matter of course - and it won't work as the "like" button does, which signals publicly that users approve of a post.

The new button was first spotted by Taylor Lorenz of the Daily Beast.

What do you think of this Downvote button on Facebook? He said it showed that when sites such as Facebook were used to connect with "people we care about", they can improve well-being.

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