Fixing You HomePod Nearly as Costly as a Brand New Device

Andrew Hoyle  CNET

Andrew Hoyle CNET

The smart speaker has been on the market since last Friday and costs $499. Then, for a solid hour or so, I was fumbling through iTunes and Apple Music on my phone, wishing I could just tell Siri to play my Release Radar playlist on Spotify.

The Apple HomePod's sound quality is very good, but not as good as competing "smart" speakers like the Sonos One and the Google Home Max. I could easily pick out the sharp piano bits from the drums and electric and bass guitar with no effort.

In our tests, HomePod works fine as an Apple TV audio out source. Not only is the HomePod a technical marvel, but Apple managed to fit all of the components in the speaker both efficiently and elegantly while still packing in all the necessities.

Our own Ced Yuen wrote: "Thankfully, the HomePod sounds great for a speaker this small".

Plus, the HomePod has room-sensing technology that allows it to tune the music based on its surroundings, bouncing ambient sounds in your music off nearby walls. That's a hard question to answer for a few reasons. Yet depending on your taste, you might like the HomePod a lot more. In the iOS Home app you can create routines to group different HomeKit devices together and make them do things with a single Siri command. You'd think everything Siri can do on an iPhone or iPad could be done on the HomePod.

One limitation of the HomePod is its inability to set multiple timers. Siri on the HomePod only answered 52.3 percent of queries correctly, a sharp drop off from Google Home's 81 percent success rate and even behind Alexa's 64 percent and Cortana's 57 percent. Say things like "Hey Siri, remind me to take the roast out of the oven in 10 minutes" and "Hey Siri, remind me to put the gravy on the hob in 5 minutes".

The Home app is your starting point.

There were a variety of methods that were used to initiate the teardown of the HomePod but they were all improvised and not through in the attempts. Or stream music from Spotify. And of course, she can control any HomeKit device in the home. It could be described as a Sonos-killer, except that one HomePod cannot actually connect to other HomePods, meaning that stereo sound and multi-room capabilities do not now exists.

If you do break your HomePod cord maybe buy another one, or don't break it at all.

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