Inslee Statement on New Pennsylvania Congressional Map


Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman R Centre

A district in the previous map completely surrounded the DE line and included narrow corridors to other parts of the district.

The court gave no indication that incumbent lawmakers would retain or lose their seats after the new map is implemented, and didn't give any direction to keep previous districts largely intact.

If it stands, the revised map is nearly certain to improve Democrats' chances in more seats this year.

The 6th District, now held by U.S. Rep. Ryan Costello, a Chester County Republican who represents part of Berks, would cover all of Chester and a swath of southern Berks County, including Reading. But Monday's release of new boundaries means even entrenched Republican incumbents will be wooing different people in different places. "All that zigging and zagging is all gone, and it makes Delaware County a competitive seat now".

Republican leaders in the state legislature said on Monday that they will challenge the map in federal court. "But for the first time in United States history, a state court, in attempting to play the role of 'lawmaker, ' has invalidated a congressional districting plan without identifying a violation of the U.S. Constitution or a state constitutional or statutory provision providing specific redistricting criteria". Both maps were generated by Jowei Chen of the University of MI, who has concluded that each plan produces an even 9-9 split in expected Republican and Democratic seats. Then that did not happen, the court stepped in to draw its own map. But North Carolina's current maps are expected to stand for the 2018 elections.

They contend that the court is unconstitutionally commandeering legislative authority to draw districts.

The state Supreme Court had ruled that the Republican plan effectively marginalized likely Democratic voters. "We anticipate further action in federal court".

However it happens, this needs to get resolved quickly or, as Baer pointed out, "We face more bickering, more litigation, a constitutional clash, maybe moving the May primary, all while a state House member - Jefferson County GOP Rep. Cris Dush - seeks support for impeaching the five Democratic justices on the seven-member state Supreme Court".

Any gains of significance in Pennsylvania could improve the Democratic Party's national campaign to regain control of the House of Representatives.

Currently, Republicans hold 13 of the 18 congressional seats in Pennsylvania, even though the state voted for President Trump by just 0.72 percent (and, before that, had voted Democratic in every presidential election since 1988).

But Yudichak said the new map is an improvement. Philadelphia County split into the 2nd and 3rd Districts. "This map illustrates that the definition of fair is simply code for a desire to elect more Democrats".

The Fourth Congressional District now includes virtually all of Montgomery County, save for a sliver that includes Lansdale and Hatfield, and another section along the Main Line.

"I applaud the court for their decision and I respect their effort to remedy Pennsylvania's unfair and unequal congressional elections", Mr. Wolf said in a statement.

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