'Largest brain tumour' removed in India

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Santlal Pal with his wife Manju after the surgery

Doctors at Mumbai's BYL Nair hospital who removed a massive brain tumour in amarathon seven-hour procedure said it could be the heaviest ever recorded.

Doctors in India recently operated on what they say could be the largest brain tumor in the world, according to news reports. Only about 10 percent of the tumor developed inside the skull. Mr. Pal is recuperating in the Intensive Care Unit and in stable condition. "Before the surgery, Pal had minimal vision, which may improve now", hospital's head of neurosurgery Trimurti Nadkarni said.

According to a reportby the BBC, the news of the surgery was not made public immediately because the doctors were unsure of its success.

Mr Pal, a shopkeeper from the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, had watched the tumour grow for three years. The mass appeared as large or larger than Santlal Pal's head. "Even the scalp vessels had become tortuous and dilated", said Nadkarni. "We have not found any tumor as big as this", Dr Nadkarni The Hindu. Though he is still blind, the team hopes that Mr Pal will regain vision as swelling in his brain, caused by the body responding to the trauma of surgery, continues to go down over time.

Dr. Nadkarni said that the tumor grew out of the skull and the scalp grew over the tumor. They added that if it had continued, it could have resulted in full paralysis and neurological damage.

His wife told the Hindu newspaper that they had been told by doctors at three different hospitals in Uttar Pradesh that the tumour was inoperable.

He needed a transfusion of 11 units of blood, and also had to spend three days on life support after the surgery, but is now thankfully on the mend. It is also unclear what type of a brain tumour he was suffering from.

Santlal Pal before undergoing surgery to remove the brain tumor.

. The brain tumor, whose weight was estimated at approximately two kilograms, was sent to the pathology lab to establish its malignancy. The 1.87-kilo (four-pound) brain tumour had affected his vision and caused constant headaches."It was a rare operation and the patient has survived".

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