Lawsuit Behind Kanye West's Saint Pablo Tour Has Been Settled

Kanye West

Kanye West

Months later in summer of 2017, West and his touring company, Very Good Touring, filed a $10 million lawsuit against Saint Pablo Tour insurers Lloyd's of London.

Summary: Kanye West and an insurance company have reached a settlement over the missing payment from his canceled tours.

The case was dismissed by a California judge based on requests from lawyers on both sides. West's hospitalization at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital Center occurred in November, 2016, after West exhibited freaky behavior at several concerts with comments made on stage about Donald Trump and tirades directed at other musicians.

In West's August lawsuit, he said that he had submitted all required documentation and accused the insurance company of leaking his medical problems to the press.

Over 20 dates of the tour were cancelled due to West's mental breakdown that saw him being treated at a neuropsychiatric centre. In his complaint, he said that he had filed an insurance claim two days after he checked himself into a psychiatric center.

West's lawyer Howard King and the insurer's attorney Paul Schrieffer both said they were unable to comment, other than to say the matter had been "amicably resolved".

Lloyd's denied the insurance claim in a countersuit, claiming that the cause for the cancellation was not beyond West's control. Lloyd's initially refused to pay his daughter under the policy, but eventually recanted.

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