Neither Israelis nor Palestinians looking to make peace

Neither Israelis nor Palestinians looking to make peace

Neither Israelis nor Palestinians looking to make peace

In response to the US decision on Jerusalem, the Palestinians declared that Washington is no longer an acceptable mediator for the peace process as well as between them and Israel.

"The Russian leader noted the depth and quality of the Russian-Palestinian relations and suggested the talks be focused on the situation in the region and bilateral ties", TASS reported, noting that Putin commented that the situation in the region "is far from what we want to see".

The White House also said the two leaders discussed North Korea's nuclear program, a topic not mentioned in the Kremlin's statement about the call.

Abbas said last week that he hoped Russian Federation could assume a greater role in Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, saying the United States "can no longer play a leading role".

Since Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, Palestinians have declared that the U.S. is disqualified from mediating the peace process and demanded an worldwide multilateral approach to sponsor the peace talks with Israel.

Ishtayeh stressed that the thing which the Palestinians never accept "is to go for a peace process that becomes a bridge for Israel to pass and dictate its projects of settlement expansion and devote its military occupation on the Palestinian lands".

Abbas sees Russian Federation as an emerging power in the Middle East and hopes that Russian Federation, together with other worldwide powers, can serve as brokers of an arrangement that will deliver a Palestinian state. Israel has annexed East Jerusalem and declared the entire city as its capital, a move not recognized by the global community. "They are not looking to make peace".

Asked by editor-in-chief Boaz Bismouth when the USA would present its peace plan, Mr Trump said: "We will see what happens". Nothing less. I think it is catastrophic for Israel, in how it was done, how it was allowed to be done, how it was signed, how it was agreed to, it is rather incredible to me.

Mahmoud Abbas heads a meeting of the Palestinian Authority government in Ramallah.

Putin said the discussion centered on finding a "common approach" to bridge the differences between Israel and the Palestinians.

Abbas has refused any contact with Trump's administration since Washington's decision at the end of a year ago.

President Trump angered Palestinians in December when he recognised Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Along with 127 other countries, India voted in favour of a UN General Assembly resolution asking the USA to withdraw its recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Even though the United Nations has declared the Israeli settlements, now being built on Israeli-occupied Palestinian land, illegal, the expansion has continued under Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's watch.

This comes amid Israel's plan to annex Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank.

It has been Palestine's dream to form an independent country including West Bank and Gaza Strip, with east Jerusalem as its capital.

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