Samsung Max Launched, Will Replace Opera Max

Samsung Max

Samsung Max Launched, Will Replace Opera Max

With Samsung Max, you can extend data plan, protect WiFi network, refrain apps from spying, manage background data usage, and learn smart advice from Samsung as needed. The proprietary app will also come preloaded on all Galaxy A and Galaxy J series handsets in a few emerging markets, including India, Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, Thailand, and Vietnam - replacing the recently discontinued Opera Max app. It is an Android app and Samsung has launched it for two purposes. This data saving app has returned, and it's now called Samsung Max. It then "actively" compresses web pages, videos, music files, images etc. that users access via the web browser or "other apps". You see, data plans can be expensive for some people and in other countries. Apparently, there's also a "Boost Wi-Fi" feature that helps improve connection of weak hotspots and crowded areas.

Samsung has provided a bunch of features that are specific to security as well.

Unfortunately, as with many Samsung apps, Samsung Max will only work on certain Samsung Galaxy-branded devices. Users still running Opera Max will receive an automatic upgrade to Samsung Max starting today. There are, however, other security and privacy options, as well as tools for reducing data usage. The mode's tracker blocking and DNS (Domain Name System) masking service will help to access the web safely both via mobile and wireless network. Yes, you read that right. The latter can be enabled by switching to the premium mode. However, even if you have a good chunk of data a month to play with, the app can still be downloaded via Google Play or Galaxy App Stores to provide some control over the amount of cellular data your device sends.

"At Samsung, we've been committed to creating inclusive data saving and privacy protection services for all our devices", Seounghoon Oh, Vice President Samsung R&D Institute India said. The new browser will unsurprisingly be named Samsung Max, letting you know that while the company maintaining it may have changed, the mission of this browser is staying the same.

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