Sea Of Thieves PC Requirements And Recommended Specs Announced

Sea Of Thieves PC Requirements And Recommended Specs Announced

Sea Of Thieves PC Requirements And Recommended Specs Announced

Some new reports have surfaced that include Rare executive producer, Joe Neate, and his thoughts on Sea of Thieves and live services.

One thing you will be able to customize, however, is the design of your ship.

Massively-multiplayer online (MMO) games are becoming increasingly popular on home consoles following the rise of Battle Royale-style titles such as Player Unknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite. Lead designer Mike Chapman tells IGN that the game takes place prior to the Golden Age of Piracy in a mysterious location called the Sea of Thieves. There is also a limited-edition wireless controller for £65, and a bundle with a Sea of Thieves-themed 2TB external hard drive with the exclusive gamepad for £150. "Part of that is, we'll look at things that make sense for Sea of Thieves in terms of the long-term digital business".

As you ascend up the ranks of faction rep with the game's various voyage traders, eventually you will be able to find a special hideout, available only to you and crew members you choose to bring there. You can sail a galleon on your own or even pack four pirates in a sloop, as the game maker wants to offer players flexibility, rather than let gamers own a single boat. But what are the post-launch plans?

The new game takes the format of a cartoon-style pirate adventure, with players teaming up with friends and strangers to look for treasure and battle giant sea creatures. One of the first updates will introduce microtransactions.

The developer behind Pirate booty simulator Sea of Thieves has confirmed that the game will never employ loot crates.

"When you're out in the world, people will see you and know that you are a legend", explained Neate. All major updates will be completely free.

I was admittedly concerned about how long the game's legs would be after the beta, despite having such a good time playing it.

While you pretty much know what you're getting with the Xbox One version, there are several different configurations you could have with your PC and Rare listed out six different configurations you could have to get the game running.

"But what we're saying as a Rare developer is, we're going to turn on crossplay".

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