Taliban Deputy Khalid Mehsud 'Killed in Drone Attack' in Pakistan

Taliban Deputy Khalid Mehsud 'Killed in Drone Attack' in Pakistan

Taliban Deputy Khalid Mehsud 'Killed in Drone Attack' in Pakistan

Several top leaders of the TTP and the Afghan Taliban have been killed in U.S. drone strikes on Pakistani territory.

TTP spokesperson Mohammad Khurasani said Sajna was also heading the Mehsud faction of the Taliban and that, following his death, the top leadership appointed Mufti Noor Wali Wali to replace their dead deputy.

The spokesman for the Pakistani Taliban has confirmed the death of their deputy leader in a recent USA drone strike in Pakistan's northwestern tribal region.

Pakistani security officials announced the death of Mehsud, also known as Sajna, soon after the February 8 airstrike in Afghanistan's Paktika Province, on its border with Pakistan. "The vehicle was completely destroyed", an intelligence official told the Pakistani publication.

Four insurgents including a foreign national have been killed as government forces stormed a base of Taliban group in Jurm district of the northern Badakhshan province on Tuesday, an army spokesman in the region said.

Mr. Sayed was considered close to the Haqqani network, the militant group that has carried out deadly attacks in Afghanistan and has been a cause of diplomatic tensions between the United States and Pakistan.

Militant sources said Wali, known by the nickname Ghar Starga, is a ruthless leader with experience working in Pakistani urban areas including the southern city of Karachi.

Pakistani officials have been critical of the American drone strikes on the Pakistani soil, arguing that they are a violation of the country's sovereignty.

The Western-backed government in Kabul has been struggling to fend off the Taliban and other militant groups since the withdrawal of most North Atlantic Treaty Organisation troops in 2014.

Relations between the United States and Pakistan have been strained since January 1 when Trump's denounced Pakistani "lies and deceit" over its support for the Afghan Taliban and their allies. Islamabad denies charges that it harbors militants.

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