Trump praises Turnbull at White House

United States President Donald Trump and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull are seen at a trilateral meeting in November

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U.S. President Donald Trump and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull held talks on Friday at the White House where the two leaders sought to put aside previous tensions, but divisions on trade remained.

"We have been fighting side-by-side in freedom's cause ever since", he said.

During a joint news conference with Turnbull, Trump said he and his Australian partner are celebrating "100 years of mateship", a century-long relationship that now includes cooperation on counter-terrorism, trade, immigration and efforts to pressure North Korea to give up nuclear weapons. The Prime Minister sent a jingoistic message to Americans this week about a "century of mateship" between the two countries.

"There is no closer friendship", Trump said.

The President fumed down the phone line that he "hated" the deal, before begrudgingly agreeing to honour it. We maintain them. They're there, they're well known.

He added that Australia and the United States are working to intensify cooperation on digital trade. I have had it.

Asked if he would visit down under, Trump says he would and called Australia a "great place". Putin was a pleasant call.

"The TPP was a very bad deal for the United States, it would have cost us a tremendous amount of jobs, it would have been bad".

"That can be the only thing that can get in the way of a truly long-term great relationship, because we have all the ingredients for friendship", he said.

A recent Australian foreign policy statement and the U.S. National Defense Strategy both view China and Russian Federation as potential threats to global security.

Mr Trump abruptly ended the planned one hour chat after just 24 minutes, and called the refugee resettlement agreement signed by the Obama administration as "dumb".

As China is Australia's largest trading partner, our diplomatic language on the rise of China is much more positive.

Turnbull, pointing to their century-old alliance dating back to fighting side by side in World War I, noted "that trust between the thousands of fearless service men and women, that trust underpins our security".

"Neither, by the way, does Donald Trump".

"Maybe very unfortunate for the world", the president said. He understands the significance, the economic significance of China's rise and its opportunity.

"Of course there are issues between Washington and Beijing, and there always will be".

'I will be seen as a weak and ineffective leader in my first week by these people.

Mr Turnbull will have a packed schedule in the U.S. capital, with back-to-back meetings and engagements before he flies home on Saturday.

In a joint press conference in the East Room, Trump welcomed Turnbull, calling him a "friend" and thanking him for the "prayers and support of our Australian friends - and friends they are" in the wake of the recent mass shooting in Florida.

The president's pick for US Ambassador to Australia, Admiral Harry Harris, last week spoke about the belief North Korea's pursuit of nuclear weapons is aimed at blackmailing South Korea into reunifying into a single Communist nation.

Mr Turnbull is expected to have a busy four days in the country with a number of back-to-back meetings, which include talks with US Vice President Mike Pence, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin among many more.

Most of Australia's premiers and chief ministers will join Mr Turnbull on the trip, along with a delegation of business executives.

During his time in Washington, his deputy prime minister resigned after successive scandals over sexual harassment, his citizenship and a threat to euthanize dogs belonging to Hollywood actor Johnny Depp.

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