Volkswagen teases ID Vizzion concept

Volkswagen teases ID Vizzion concept

Volkswagen teases ID Vizzion concept

It is set to be VW's largest I.D. concept auto to date and will be the fourth join the innovative futuristic line-up.

The company calls it the I.D. Vizzion and it's part of VW's I.D. lineup of futuristic concepts. There are also hints of the I.D. Cross in the heavy curvature of its roof and the sweeping line of its rear pillars.

Volkswagen's newest concept autonomous vehicle will be introduced next month, and it can be controlled using just voice and gesture controls.

Now comes the I.D. Vizzion, continuing the same nonsense overuse of the letter Z, but adding something new to the twist. At the same time, this innovative concept auto at the Geneva International Motor Show demonstrates how elegant and emotional the design of a vehicle of the future can be. But while other I.D. concepts are more conventional electric vehicles, the Vizzion is meant to be autonomous.

Volkswagen describes the ID Vizzion as the "technological backbone of future Volkswagen electric vehicles", enabling "long driving ranges and maximum space utilisation at optimal costs". VIZZION is 225 kW. Dream a little more and we probably start imagining a fully connected vehicle with a built-in butler. maybe we won't even have to drive?

The vehicle uses 111 kWh lithium batteries and has a driving range of 665 km (about 413 miles) when you take into account regenerative braking.

Yes, it's another EV concept and not a production vehicle.

This offers a glimpse into what may be a fourth - or later - model from the I.D. range to enter production, which will be preceded by production versions of the I.D. Buzz microbus, I.D.

So this gives us a general idea of what's coming in the next few years and I like the idea so far. Also, it is expected to serve as a spiritual successor to the erstwhile Phaeton, which failed to make a mark in most markets around the world.

The leaders are clear based on that, but it's still nice to know what VW is working on.

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