WATCH Fire Aboard Plane at California Airport Prompts Mass Evacuation

Southwest Airlines crew members are seen de-icing an aircraft at Boston's Logan International Airport in 2014. The airline recently confirmed that a lack of de-icing fluid was responsible for flight cancellations in Chicago on Sunday

WATCH Fire Aboard Plane at California Airport Prompts Mass Evacuation

After a weekend of heavy snow in Chicago, Southwest Airlines ran out of de-icing fluid at Midway Airport and cancelled more than 220 flights from the airport on Sunday. Almost 140 passengers and five crew members used chutes to evacuate.

The incident comes after a tumultuous couple of days for Southwest Airlines, which on Sunday was forced to cancel hundreds of flights from Chicago's Midway International Airport due to a shortage of de-icing fluids.

As of 9 p.m. Sunday, a total of 264 flights on all airlines had been canceled out of Midway and another 235 were canceled out of O'Hare. Five minor injuries were reported, but none requiring a hospital transport.

The flight was carrying 139 passengers and 5 crew members, airport officials tweeted. While a supply of the de-icing liquid arrived early Monday, a "handful of flights" may still be canceled, she said.

In a statement, the airline said its employees in Orange County were "working diligently" to make accommodations for passengers.

At the time the fire broke out, the plane was pushing back from the gate, Thompson said.

The airline blamed freezing conditions at the airport for slowing down crews in charge of de-icing the planes, the statement said. The fire was in the aircraft's auxiliary power unit.

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