What South Africans are buying each other on Valentine's day

What South Africans are buying each other on Valentine's day

What South Africans are buying each other on Valentine's day

While it would be easy to buy a dozen roses to profess your love to a significant other this Valentine's Day, understanding the language of flowers could help you take your floral overture to the next level.

The tradition isn't going anywhere.

The trick of nailing the Valentine's bouquet is in the presentation, from the arrangement of the flowers to the moment someone brings them out at dinner, Michler said.

Valentine's Day is nearly here, but how important is it?

The language of flowers, also known as floriography, gained interest in Victorian England as a way to send messages and express feelings that could not be spoken aloud in Victorian society.

Florists say the flower business often becomes a guessing game when it comes to Valentine's Day in Odessa, with its boom-bust economy. This expressionist art focused on one's ability to communicate using flowers without uttering any words at all. Flower industry employs more than 100, 000 people who directly work in the flower farms, translating to almost two million Kenyans who benefit from the sector.

"Everybody wants roses, red roses in particular", Biler said. They come in number 3 on the list of favorite Valentine's Day gifts among New Yorkers. "Orchids are really popular, but mostly the flowers". "I've been doing this for so long myself, that I feel like I could make them with my eyes shut". He's getting a jump on Mother's Day.

Just under a fifth of celebrators plan on making a major statement by picking up a combined $4.7 billion in jewelry, while 17 percent said they'd pick up some clothes, which will account for almost 10 percent of total spending.

The folks over at Serendipity realize that some people have to buy their flowers last minute.

"Little did we know when we got married 49 years ago that we would have a flower shop", says Marcia Baker. "I wouldn't suggest it".

"For those staying in, liquor continues to fuel romance, with Valentine's Day purchases increasing 8 per cent year-on-year", Mr Baumann said. CFM is city wide block downtown LA wholesale flower market of 30 flower petaler showrooms featuring hundreds of varieties of Valentine's Day flowers up to 70% off retail prices. Consider classic fashion choices with Casio's Vintage timepieces, which feature stainless steel bands in different metallic color combinations, a daily alarm, hourly time signal and an auto-calendar, ensuring you are never late for a date.

There are all sorts of home recipes from aspirin to vodka to extend the life of a cut flower.

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