Woman goes through X-ray luggage scanner to guard her bag

A woman in SE China climbed into a security inspection machine to “escort” her purse

Not Parting Ways With Handbag. Ever

The woman's weird actions startled security officers at the Dongguan Railway Station in China's southern Guangdong province on Sunday (Feb 11), according to Chinese media.

A now viral picture shows the unnamed woman on all fours on the conveyor belt, while staff stood watching.

Ordered to hand the bag over to be fed through an X-ray machine, she crawled in after it.

She further jumped onto the conveyer belt and vigorously followed her handbag all the way to the other side.

In the video, the woman is seen approaching the security checkpoint and loading her luggage onto the scanner's conveyor belt.

When the security staff told her that the smaller bag would also have to be checked, she circled back to the scanner and climbed into it.

Staff were reportedly so stunned they didn't stop her when she collected her bags and bolted to get her train.

A video of the whole incident was posted on Facebook by PearVideo.

The woman appeared inside the X-ray machine. It isn't clear what was inside the woman's bag which she was trying to safeguard with such dedication.

It's believed that she may have been protecting wads of cash given to her for Chinese New Year.

Train stations are grappling with a mad rush this month as hundreds of millions of people head home to celebrate Lunar New Year.

The woman passenger, however, did not face against ill-effects, the security staff members at the Dongguan railway station warned all the other passengers not to indulge in such exercises.

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