Alton Sterling case: Baton Rouge officer fired in shooting death

Alton Sterling

A mural in memory of Alton Sterling is displayed on the wall outside of Triple S Food Mart Baton Rouge Louisiana

A Louisiana police chief said Friday that he had fired the white officer who fatally shot a black man during a struggle outside a convenience store almost two years ago, a killing that set off widespread protests.

During Friday's announcement, Paul discussed interviews with both officers and said that Salamoni did not answer any questions about his conduct.

McMillan doesn't think she will ever get justice for Sterling's death, but said she would be more at peace if the officers were fired.

Howie Lake, another police officer who was also involved in the incident, who did not discharge his weapon, was suspended for three days.

He called for the Baton Rouge community to respect and obey officers trying to do their jobs each day.

Cellphone videos of the events surrounding Sterling's killing went viral on social media in its immediate aftermath and sparked heated protests in Baton Rouge and elsewhere.

Watch the edited clip above, via CNN. "When I see the video, I see the dad of my son killed in cold blood".

Earlier this week, Louisiana's attorney general decided not to press criminal charges against either officer. He said that both officers were present at a hearing Thursday night at which time they were questioned about procedures at the scene that night.

Officer Howie Lake II wrestled Sterling to the ground but, but did not fire his gun.

"We take great consideration of the demands we place on our officers", Paul said. One of them appeared to yell, "He's got a gun!" before shots rang out. The Justice Department said in May that evidence couldn't prove or disprove that Sterling was reaching for a weapon, and that Sterling had a loaded.38-caliber handgun in his pocket.

The federal prosecutors cited use-of-force experts who determined the officers' actions were reasonable under the circumstances - including that the two employed several less-than-lethal techniques before using force, and that Sterling struggled with the officers and failed to follow orders.

Paul said he came to his decision "based on the actions of the officers" in the incident. One family member, seeing the videos released Friday, had an anxiety attack.

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry said this week that Lake and Salamoni would not face charges since they had reason to believe that Sterling was armed and was resisting arrest.

Paul said the disparate disciplinary actions were due to the differing actions by the officers.

Sterling replies by saying alright and telling officers that they're hurting his arm. He initially refused and a struggle ensued, at which point Salamoni drew his gun and pointed it at Sterling's head.

Salamoni will appeal, attorney John McLindon said. Speaking Tuesday, Sterling's family said they were "devastated" by the decision not to charge the officers. Edwards said the best way to remember Sterling and the three law enforcement officers fatally gunned down in 2016 is for people in Louisiana to "strengthen the bonds that unite us, rather than focus on the things that divide us". "Sterling was under the influence and that contributed to his noncompliance".

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