Brexit transition deal: 'Significant step' made as Tory civil war looms

Brexit transition deal: 'Significant step' made as Tory civil war looms

Brexit transition deal: 'Significant step' made as Tory civil war looms

Britain is due to leave the European Union at the end of March 2019, but Brexit talks must be concluded by this fall to leave national parliaments in the bloc time to ratify any deal.

He believes the industry will be left "staring down the barrel of the gun" and faces "obliteration" because its lack of a veto will mean the EU abolishes the 12-mile coastal limit which now legally protects British inshore and shell-fishermen from European fishing boats.

This plan would be triggered to avoid a hard border if a deal can not be agreed on Brexit or there is no specific solution brokered for Northern Ireland.

"Without that backstop agreement in place in the withdrawal treaty there will be no withdrawal treaty and there will be no transitional arrangements which are part of the withdrawal treaty", Mr Coveney warned. But Dublin insists the Brexit treaty must lock in a "backstop" arrangement in case that future pact does not work. But both sides are committed to keeping a free flow of people and goods over the Border without returning to checkpoints. Gove has already said Britain won't allow in imports of American chlorine-washed chicken as part of the post-Brexit trade deal it's seeking with the U.S. A weekend of intensive talks, however, has broken the deadlock - for now.

Merkel said "a solution must be found for this. and Germany fully supports the Irish position".

U.K.'s Brexit Minister David Davis said that this would allow businesses to plan.

The CIPS research also found that 42 per cent of European Union supply chain managers said that they do not think British products "stand out from the crowd", while 37 per cent said it would be less expensive to work with a local supplier compared to a United Kingdom supplier.

For those Remainers still harboring hopes of preventing Brexit, this should be a reality check: Britain is leaving the European Union, and no amount of scaremongering about "cliff edges" will resonate, not when there is firm evidence of both sides working pragmatically.

Her Democratic Unionist Party allies said the "announcement" did not concern them as it left the border issue unresolved.

"The DUP have always been a good friend to the fishing industry and I would call out to them now in this time of need - we also need their support in getting this very, very risky transition period shortened specifically for the fishing industry".

In terms of diplomacy and defense, Davis also stated that this agreement sets the stage for an "ambitious partnership" that "goes beyond the relationship the European Union has with any other third country". He hailed the certainty that the deals on the transition and other issues, including rights for expatriate citizens, would offer businesses and individuals.

Mr Barnier said it was a decisive step but added: 'It remains a step, we are not at the end of the road'.

The 130-page text includes sections in green (signifying formal agreement, and only subject to technical legal revisions in the coming weeks); yellow (agreed as policy objectives with some clarifications required); and white (EU proposals on which there has been no agreement and discussions are continuing).

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