Erdogan censures North Atlantic Treaty Organisation for not helpimg in Turkey's Syria operations

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The Syrian regime has chosen to ally itself with the Kurdish YPG in its fight against Turkey in Afrin, despite being at odds elsewhere in Syria.

According to Anadolu Agency correspondents on the ground, Turkish troops and the FSA cleared the villages of Jagmaq Saghir, Alameda, Khalidiah and Jalbul and Kafr Batna, close to the Afrin center.

Erdoğan said North Atlantic Treaty Organisation member Turkey sent troops to conflict zones when requested - giving the examples of Somalia, Afghanistan and the Balkan region - but did not receive necessary support for its Afrin mission in return.

Ankara's offensive on the Kurdish-held enclave in northwestern Syria is now in its 51st day as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has vowed to increase the operation beyond Afrin.

"If you are called for duty, I will be the first to join you", the Turkish strongman was quoted as saying, referring to martyrdom.

Ankara says the YPG is the Syrian branch of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), which has fought a three-decade insurgency in southeast Turkey. "Once Afrin is captured, it will be delivered to its true owners", said Erdoğan.

In a statement to the UN Security Council, the Kurdish council that governs Afrin on Sunday demanded a response to the Turkish offensive.

"Turkish forces (and allied rebels) are on the edges of Afrin, less than two kilometres from the town's northeast", said Observatory head Rami Abdel Rahman. Erdogan also denounced North Atlantic Treaty Organisation on Sunday, accusing the Western military alliance of failing to back Turkey's campaign.

"But NATO when will you stand behind us?" he said on March 11, saying Turkey's borders are "under constant threat". Erdogan said in remarks to supporters in Bolu, a city east of Istanbul. "We are constantly harassed by terror groups on our borders". Is this friendship? Is this North Atlantic Treaty Organisation unity?

The YPG too denies any direct organisational links to Turkey's PKK- an assertion backed by a USA -led coalition whose air strikes have helped the militia and allied Arab fighters drive Islamic State militants out of tens of thousands of square kilometres of Syria.

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