EU, UK seek clarity on U.S. tariffs

RED BOX | COMMENTMarch 13 2018 12:01am The Times How big is Hammond’s Brexit war chest?Joe Owen

RED BOX | COMMENTMarch 13 2018 12:01am The Times How big is Hammond’s Brexit war chest?Joe Owen

The current freedoms and peace were- hard fought for on all sides and to risk this for Brexit appears like an absurdity, especially when it is already under pressure due to the inability of Northern Ireland parties to form an executive for the regional assembly.

"The idea of punishing Britain is not the language of a club, it's the language of a gang", he said at the annual conference of the British Chambers of Commerce.

Tusk was setting out draft guidelines for the negotiations, due to be adopted at a summit later this month by the 27 European Union member states.

Tusk did say services would be covered in the future arrangement with London but stressed: "No member state is free to pick only those sectors of the single market it likes.By the same token, a pick-and-mix approach for a non-member state is out of the question".

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson on Thursday said the government is still prepared to quit the talks if the European Union refuses to give a good deal, the Telegraph reported. But it's light years away from the relationship that Britain now enjoys with its top export market.

Last week, the prime minister finally admitted that her Brexit red lines will reduce the UK's access to the...

A British government spokesman confirmed that Brexit officials were studying the Smart Border 2.0 report, after Ms May's little-noticed comment in her Commons statement last Monday. "Protectionism and tariffs never really work", he told the BBC's Newsnight programme on Thursday.

Fox said he would travel to Washington next week for meetings with USA officials about the tariffs and the possible exemptions for America's allies.

British finance minister Philip Hammond will say later on Wednesday that the European Union must drop its tough stance and allow Britain's giant financial services sector to be part of a post-Brexit trade deal, according to speech extracts.

In a statement on the guidelines, Tusk said: "Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the only remaining possible model is a free trade agreement. That's what any competent, skilled and experienced negotiator would do", he said.

Mrs Foster, whose party props up Theresa May's Government in the House of Commons, insisted she did not want to see the imposition of a "hard border" after Britain leaves the EU.

"If in London someone assumes that the negotiations will deal with other issues first, my response would be Ireland first", Tusk said.

Mr Tusk said that since he last visited Ireland he has spoken to virtually every European Union leader and "everyone of them, without exception, declared ... that among their priorities are protecting the peace process and avoiding a hard border".

After Theresa May rejected EU proposals for Northern Ireland effectively to remain in the customs union, Mr Tusk warned that progress in Brexit talks could be put at risk if there was "backsliding" on principles agreed a year ago. That would effectively create a new border in the Irish Sea between the island of Ireland and Britain.

Foster also took aim at those warning about the impact on the peace process. I heard that the last days were particularly hard in Ireland because of the severe weather, particularly for people in the countryside.

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