Google, Nintendo join forces for Mario Kart maps

Mario Day event starts popping up in Google Maps for some

Mario invades Google Maps to help you avoid bananas while driving

A new update for Google Maps on iOS and Android is in the process of rolling out.

"Once enabled, you'll see that the navigation arrow has morphed into-who else?-Mario", Google Maps UX Engineer Munish Dabas wrote in a blog post.

In addition to the Google Mario Kart Easter Egg, yoiu can get 50% off Super Mario Run for the weekend to honour the annual event. If you've recently downloaded the app to give the game a try, we recommend you hold off until the discount goes live. "If you've updated, launch the app, head to the bottom right corner of the app and tap the "?" icon which will prompt users to enable the feature. Going forward, Mario will be your companion wherever you are driving this week-school, work, restaurant-anywhere. Alas, it won't be a permanent feature, so you'll want to use it as long as you can.

Then the plumber-turned-hero follows along as you move, marking your destination along the map as you close in. Nintendo's beloved red-capped plumber has started cropping up in Google Maps.

To celebrate Mario, an annual holiday has been established - MAR10 Day.

Outside of serving as a simple position marker, Mario himself doesn't really change anything about Google Maps. Google Maps also offers "street view", an option that lets a user see what it looks like on the ground in any given location.

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