Google opens its Slack competitor, Hangouts Chat, to everyone

Google opens its Slack competitor, Hangouts Chat, to everyone

Google opens its Slack competitor, Hangouts Chat, to everyone

The other extension, in turn, will make it possible to access files from within Google's newly launched Hangouts Chat team messaging service.

AI is integrated for speeding up workflows, allowing you to do things like book conference rooms, search for files, and more.

Following its IPO filing last week, Dropbox today announced a new partnership with Google Cloud to integrate G Suite with the former's platform.

With Hangouts Chats, users can communicate with colleagues from their mobile devices and create group chats when working on collaborative projects.

Advantages in AI and established services will give Google more room to compete.

"No longer are chat rooms just for conversations", said Mike Sorvillo, product manager, Hangouts Chat and Wesley Chun, developer advocate for G Suite, wrote in a blog post. If we had to guess, Google's document types will simply be added to the Dropbox interfaces when you ask it to create new files, presuming you've linked your Google and Dropbox accounts.

The tool, which was announced last March and offered in beta mode to early adopters, is part of Google's G Suite of services.

But this new app is not going to replace the old hangouts. There's a web version aside from iOS and Android apps.

The app also supports chatbots and comes with 25 of them in-built such as the Google Drive bot. "RingCentral for Hangouts Chat removes the hassle of toggling between different applications to start a video meeting or call, ultimately saving workers time and driving greater efficiency". That's why two companies that sell online storage services are willing to work together.

Google first talked about Hangouts Chat previous year. Features include threaded conversations, searchable chats and an array of app integrations and chat bots.

Google users may already have Hangouts and Allo to take care of their messaging needs but those who use chats for work or for projects probably need something better than what they're offering. Those with admin qualifications can archive, save, export Chat data making use of incorporated Vault app. It'll also inform you if someone made a comment on it or when individuals ask for access to your files.

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