Jimmy Kimmel Slams Trump After Oscars Dis: 'Lowest President in History'

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Trump's tweets fit into a well-established pattern of him criticising Hollywood on Twitter.

Trump was right about the ratings but wrong about the reason. As the comedian noted Tuesday night, his tweet garnered twice as many "likes" on the platform as the president's-but he wasn't done with his Trump material just yet.

Jimmy Kimmel, who was one of the hosts also clapped back at Trump.

Trump's big post-Oscars tweet came on Tuesday morning after ratings for this year's show indicated viewership was at an all time low, something Trump gleefully pointed out before saying that the "Problem is, we don't have any stars anymore - except your president (just kidding, of course)!". "As if I don't already do that every morning", Kimmel joked. Later Kimmel followed up his reply with more potshots on his show "Jimmy Kimmel Live!".

On his show Tuesday night, Kimmel said every big televised event had dipped in ratings since Netflix emerged. "I know that's the sort of thing that would get under his orange skin".

On his show, Kimmel addressed the back and forth, noting Trump "always has a problem with the Academy Awards", noting that's surprising because he thought the president would really enjoy the Best Picture victor.

Academy Awards host Jimmy Kimmel mocked President Trump during Sunday's show, but the president had the last laugh.

"None other than President Trump called "Get Out" the best three-fourth of a movie he had seen this year", Kimmel had quipped at the gala, where several celebrities took a stand for immigrants and "Dreamers" amid the ongoing immigration debate over a programme that protects hundreds of thousands of young immigrants from deportation. "It's like his his life story".

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