Jurassic World Alive brings dinosaurs to life in Pokemon Go-like game

Jurassic World Alive brings dinosaurs to life in Pokemon Go-like game

Jurassic World Alive brings dinosaurs to life in Pokemon Go-like game

A trailer for the augmented reality game, Jurassic World Alive has been released.

TAKE Pokémon Go's augmented reality (AR) graphics and location-based gameplay and add in a hefty dose of dinosaurs. Jurassic World Alive appears to be greatly inspired by Pokemon Go, which took the world by storm nearly two years ago. They have fled Jurassic World on the unstable island of Isla Nublar... and they're roaming free in your cities and neighbourhoods. Being released on iOS and Android, later this spring, Jurassic World Alive conveniently lines its release particularly close to the debut of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. There are plenty of rip-off style games out there, there's a Ghostbusters AR game in development, and even the creators of Pokemon Go are working on a Harry Potter AR game that uses a lot of the same elements. Universal Studios and Montreal-based video game company Ludia have teamed up to create Jurassic World Alive.

While you might write it off as just another mobile game rip-off, there are some pretty tempting differences.

The game will have over 100 dinosaurs available at launch but developer Ludia says that it will be regularly updated with more species, including special "hybrid" and "super hybrid" animals with presumably better stats and "more advanced capabilities". "Players discover dinosaurs by locating them on a map and deploying an in-game drone to collect DNA samples", developer Ludia explained to the Verge. So it's a little odd that there's now a Pokemon Go-like game where you collect their DNA and make hybrids out of them, but on the other hand, you're now a dinosaur hunter!

Hopefully, they took Dr. Ian Malcolms word to heart when it came to creating dinosaurs.

You can pre-register to play the game now on the official website to get "a free rare incubator". The only problem, is that the engineers behind Jurassic Park Alive were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should.

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