Louis-bound United flight diverted after pet mistakenly loaded onto plane

The 10-year-old pup was supposed to have flown with his family on a United Airlines flight from OR to Kansas, but got mixed up with another dog and headed to Japan instead.

During the "dog-in", legislation was unveiled to create a new Pet Passenger Bill of Rights called Kokito's Law.

Despite her protestations, the woman said the United flight attendant told her she must put the dog in the overhead bin. Now, United is under criticism again after the Swindle family realized they'd been swindled when their dog who should've flew to Wichita, Kansas instead crossed two oceans and landed in Japan.

"Pets, including dogs, are now family members", Kennedy said.

United immediately apologized, describing the incident as a "tragic accident".

The family's attorney said they want to know what will happen to the flight attendant involved. The name of the flight attendant involved in the incident has not been revealed as of yet. Other passengers also reported that flight attendants insisted that the animal would be safe for the trip. "United Airlines does not care about the safety of their furry travelers".

She confirmed that the human passengers were provided compensation for the inconvenience, but would not say how many there were.

United spokesman Jonathan Guerin said: "We chose the fastest option to reunite the dog with his family". He added that in order to prevent another situation like this, the airline will issue bright-colored bags to customers traveling with in-cabin pets.

It was the third pet-related incident the airline had in a week.

Data from the US Department of Transportation shows that three times as many animals died on United flights past year than on all the other US carriers put together. In fact, United had the highest pet mortality rate among all airlines that are based in the United States during the past three years.

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