Microsoft told about a secret mode in Windows 10

Windows 10

Microsoft told about a secret mode in Windows 10

With all that being said, the reports also noted that, even though the company would allow users to deactivate S Mode for free, Microsoft would however levy $49 from the users of Windows 10 Pro if they wished to deactivate this mode and access the complete version.

By including Windows 10 S as a mode in Windows 10, Microsoft is giving customers the option to lock down their computer for better battery life and security when they choose and to switch it right back to traditional Windows when they want to use more advanced programs or features. According to sources, the S Mode in Windows 10 will ship with all future editions of Windows 10. Released to Insiders yesterday, the latest preview version of Windows 10 also fixes a number of existing bugs that cause the operating system to load incorrectly or crash.

The company originally created Windows 10 S for the education market. Joe Belfiore, Microsoft Vice President responsible for Windows, told about the upcoming changes. The next version of Windows 10 is codenamed RS4, or Redstone 4, and the version after that is RS5, or Redstone 5.

This new approach is vastly different from Microsoft's original strategy. Despite introduction on the expensive Surface Laptop shown above, Windows 10 S has primarily been found on low-priced machines for the education sector.

At its Windows Developer Day event today, Microsoft said it will begin sharing the AI and machine learnings advances it has achieved in recent years as part of the Windows 10 platform to help third party-developers building new apps Windows apps. Since the RS5 build 17618 comes out after the RS4 build, when you run this command on it will display the names of the previous Windows 10 versions.

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