Mike Zimmer on Vikings QB situation: 'Don't believe everything you hear'

Minnesota Vikings general manager Rick Spielman speaks to the media during the 2018 NFL Combine at the Indianapolis Convention Center on Wednesday

Mike Zimmer on Vikings QB situation: 'Don't believe everything you hear'

It's the ever-popular question buzzing around the NFL Scouting Combine this year.

If you've listened to the purpleJOURNAL Podcast the past few weeks or even if you've skimmed the articles that I've written, you'd know that I'm heavily in favor of the Vikings going after Kirk Cousins this off-season.

Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer believes that if the franchise chooses the wrong gunslinger, he will be fired.

Minnesota is set to lose all three of Case Keenum, Teddy Bridgewater and Sam Bradford to free agency. Will one - or two - of them remain in Purple next season, or will the Vikings bring in a fresh face under center?

Perhaps no team arrived at the National Football League scouting combine facing more questions at quarterback than the Minnesota Vikings. But the Vikings have called that a league matter, and the NFL reportedly will allow him to be a free agent. "I expect the league to address it in the near future, but it hasn't been resolved yet".

"If you go with the right one and he does like you anticipate, then everything is good", Zimmer said. The Vikings have until March 6 to use the tag, though they could also negotiate a new contract with Keenum and his agent before free agency begins on March 14. But part of the reason we've been winning games and staying in games is because we've been playing good on defense and we've been a smart team and all those things.

Those are all options now on the table, and depending on how you read into things, the Vikings have not ruled anything out, but they seem to be leaning toward keeping one of their own quarterbacks, probably Keenum (though they like Bridgewater) so they can do what the Broncos did a few years back and keep the core of their defense together. They thought Bradford was the guy after Spielman used a first-round draft pick to acquire the former No. 1 overall pick in the wake of Bridgewater's injury. Despite many big names likely to stick with their current teams, there's still plenty who will be wearing different colours when training camps start rolling in August. The team's top brass already has met to discuss financial parameters, plotting just how high they're willing to go.

"We think he'll end up in Minnesota", that executive said, speaking on the condition of anonymity because Cousins technically is not available at this point. Now the Vikings will let Teddy Bridgewater test the market. He made it back briefly late last season and now the Vikings await a ruling that could force Bridgewater to stick around one more season before hitting free agency.

ESPN's Kevin Seifert said that "all options are open" for Spielman. "Gives me and us, our organization, an opportunity to sit down face-to-face with all three of the quarterbacks' representatives".

The Vikings have a tough decision to make themselves. Adding in a high-quality number three could further strengthen the wide receiver position, giving whoever takes on the quarterback role the best range of passing options in the NFL.

The downside to this approach is they'd enter the draft under tremendous pressure to take a quarterback. "Who knows how it will shake out depth-chart wise". Unfortunately, they are struggling at the QB position.

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