Nintendo Switch Playtime Records Deletes after a Year

Nintendo Switch Playtime Records Deletes after a Year

Nintendo Switch Playtime Records Deletes after a Year

ResetEra members and Reddit users say that their 500-plus hours in Breath of the Wild have now been reduced to a simple, inaccurate note: "First played zero days ago". It might be a small feature in the grand scheme of things, but the playtime stats were a unique way to remind players of how much time they committed to a game, for better or worse.

July 2017 - Splatoon 2 inked its way onto the system with new modes, characters, weapons and ways to splat their friends in local and online multiplayer modes.

Issues with the Switch's playtime were first reported days ago during the one-year anniversary of the console, an event that experienced a slight hiccup with the data issue. Since launch, a continuous rollout of free new content has released for the game, making it more fun than ever to splat friends and family on the go or at home. The strategic adventure-RPG combined the wacky world of the Rabbids with the iconic Super Mario franchise, resulting in an epic quest for all ages.

Japan's Association of Media in Digital (or AMD) will be awarding the Nintendo Switch with the "Excellence Award" this year.

To close out 2017, Nintendo launched a sequel to the original Xenoblade Chronicles RPG series, Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

The Nintendo Switch celebrated its first birthday over the weekend and with it came a odd glitch that early adopters first noticed. In the previous year, we have also seen companies like Ubisoft and Bethesda invest in the Switch more than any other Nintendo console to date.

We already know that the Switch takes a week before updating the user profile with the number of hours you've played a game for.

UPDATE 1: Nintendo has confirmed that some Switch owners' play times are "displaying incorrectly" and that it will make a further announcement regarding the issue "in the near future".

Looking into the console's second year, fans can expect even more titles to arrive.

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