Over 20 local schools sign up to take part in national walkout

Over 20 local schools sign up to take part in national walkout

Over 20 local schools sign up to take part in national walkout

Students at schools in CT and NY are among those participating in a national walkout on Wednesday. This is being done in support of the students affected by the Florida school shooting.

How schools will participate: It's up to the student organizers, and depends on what the school will allow. In the aftermath, numerous remaining students have taken to social media, appeared on TV and radio news shows and met with elected leaders to plead their case for reasonable gun control. "We don't condone creating a disruption, but we also understand that this is close to a lot of young people's hearts".

"Students should always have the right to protest, but the consequences of expression of opinion is always there", said Jim Accardi. Rather than digging in to defend policy, they've recognized that this is why they're ultimately there; to advance the education of the students they serve.

"We believe the student walkout, however well-intended, could negatively impact our ability to meet our primary responsibility", the statement said. Hanover Schools said for safety reasons they can not allow students to leave the school building during instructional time, and are encouraging students to work with their teachers and principals to honor the Parkland victims at other times. Some students are planning a "lie-in", in which they will lie down to symbolize those killed in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.

T here has been a push lately - especially among those who insist our state's public schools, which are perennially ranked among the nation's best, are somehow "failing" our children - to think outside the box regarding educational options. Richmond schools said some schools will host walk outs while others have chosen to hold dialogue sessions with students and teachers inside classrooms.

Students say they will wear orange Wednesday morning to show their solidarity. "Yeah maybe they have suspension or something like that, but for something permanent that shouldn't follow them when they are trying to do something positive for themselves and fellow students". "We need to listen to them, they have something to say", said J. Austin Brown, principal at Richmond Community High School.

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