Spring Ahead - Daylight Saving Time To Return

Palm Beach clock tower at sunrise

Palm Beach clock tower at sunrise

Hey Canada, it's time to set your clocks and watches one hour ahead!

By overwhelming, bipartisan majorities, the normally fractious Florida Senate and House this week adopted a bill that would make their state the first to adopt year-round daylight saving time.

Whether it's changing the clocks or traveling to a different time zone, disrupting the body's circadian rhythm has similar effects, which physicians understand fairly well, according to Narula.

"The question is, do we really need to continue this?" said Earnest. Two other states, Hawaii and most of Arizona, are on standard time year-round.

Here in B.C., the Union of B.C. Municipalities endorsed a resolution from Grand Forks in September asking the province to consider abolishing Daylight Saving Time.

He says even losing just an hour of sleep can effect some people. It was used by Great Britain and the US during both World Wars to cut power consumption in war plants and make blackouts more effective.

Did you know? Daylight saving time was first used during World War I, as part of an effort in the United States and other warring countries to conserve fuel.

By 1966, airlines and other clock-watching businesses exhausted of such quirks and pushed Congress to pass the Uniform Time Act. The Energy Policy Act of 2005 changed that time frame to starting on the second Sunday of March and ending on the first Sunday of November as of 2007. It codified daylight saving time, although it has been periodically modified, particularly the start and end dates. If we've learned anything from "This is Us", it's the importance of a good smoke detector. Florida wants to stay in Daylight Saving Time year-round while MA wants to be in year-round "Atlantic Standard Time", which is observed in Puerto Rico and Nova Scotia.

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