Stormy Daniels offers to pay back hush money

The White House is yet to comment

The White House is yet to comment

The adult-film actress who claims she had an affair with Donald Trump before he became USA president offered on Monday to return $130,000 that Trump's personal lawyer paid her in what she said was hush money to remain silent about the alleged relationship.

Mr Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen has admitted to paying Ms Daniels $130,000 out of his own pocket in the months before the election - money she claims was tied to a nondisclosure agreement.

With the 60 Minutes interview and a series of tweets from Clifford's lawyer, Michael Avenatti, taunting Cohen last week, the actress and her lawyer were pursuing an aggressive strategy to pressure the President.

On Monday, Avenatti sent a letter on Clifford's behalf to Cohen's law firm in NY, offering to return the $130,000 on March 16 "to resolve all pending disputes, including the lawsuit and arbitration", according to the letter shared by multiple news outlets.

"I'm told that in her 60 Minutes interview with Anderson Cooper Daniels suggests that Trump, how to say this, likes it when women aren't nice to him, treat him in perhaps denigrating ways", Marshall wrote in his Monday article.

Avenatti's proposal to Cohen requires the signatures of "all parties", including the president, The New York Times reported.

Stormy Daniels is taking steps to publicize the full story of her alleged affair with President Trump.

If Cohen were to accept the deal, Daniels could "speak openly and freely about her prior relationship with the President and the attempts to silence her", the letter says.

The letter was sent by Clifford's lawyer to Trump's attorney, Michael Cohen and his attorney, Lawrence Rosen.

Clifford sued the president last week, arguing that the nondisclosure agreement she says was created to hide the affair is invalid because Trump never signed it. Daniels and Avenatti, though, argue that it means that there is no existing agreement between Daniels and Trump, and that Daniels can speak on the subject as she pleases.

Daniels flouted the restraining order and sued Trump last week, contending that the nondisclosure agreement should be voided because Trump never signed it.

The letter also asks for Trump to not attempt to block the release of a taped "60 Minutes" interview.

The lawsuit also claimed that there were ongoing efforts to silence Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford.

BuzzFeed reported that Trump's lawyers are seeking to stop the show from airing.

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