Taylor Swift blows the lid off in latest video 'Delicate'

Taylor Swift blows the lid off in latest video 'Delicate'

Taylor Swift blows the lid off in latest video 'Delicate'

The 28-year-old rolled out the visual after accepting an award for Female Artist of the Year at the 2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards tonight (March 11).

Taylor Swift is facing backlash after the release of her new video for "Delicate". Taylor Swift plays a standard celebrity who's exhausted of the never-ending fame and media attention. As we mentioned (above), Delicate is the fifth song on Swift's Reputation album. She discovers a magical note that suddenly makes her invisible and gives her the freedom to go unnoticed in crowded spaces. She kicks off her shoes and starts dancing like nobody's watching in the rain. At the end of the video, she pulls out the note again, and seems to arrive somewhere to meet some people she knows, and is happy to finally see. She explained in a video message that she wasn't able to attend the awards show because she's rehearsing for her Reputation tour, but a brand new video isn't a bad consolation prize. "The other songs on the album include ".Ready For It?". The carefree dancing and ultimate ending of the song represent Swift's journey towards embracing herself and sharing that with the world.

"Anybody else notice that the @taylorswift13 "Delicate" music video ripped off Spike Jonze's Kenzo video?"

The weird dance moves and the dramatic disrobing aren't even the most buzzed about bits of the video, though.

Invisible to everyone but us, freed from the expectations of fame, she prances joyfully (and awkwardly) from a bustling hotel lobby to the NY subway.

He continued: "In retrospect you are right, I put way too much robots and fighting in the "Wildest Dreams" video".

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