'The Bachelor US': Arie Luyendyk's scorned victor Becca Kufrin named next Bachelorette



"The Bachelor" has had plenty of cringeworthy moments before, but Monday night's season finale of the ABC show reached a new low.

BECCA: I can't even look at you. As we've previously explained, he is a real estate broker who was not a very successful race vehicle driver.

They are not! Among the individuals Arie rejected this season are Kendall, to whom he repeatedly referred as "quirky" because, I guess, she is a normal person who has hobbies and a personality; Tia, a delightfully-accented Arkansan who enjoys double entredres about her hometown of Weiner; Bekah, the 22-year-old professional nanny and amateur marijuana farm explorer whose age, once revealed, was gravely discussed by everyone on the show as it it were a prior murder conviction; and Jacqueline, an aspiring clinical psychologist who basically dumped him after he anxious aloud that she was too smart for him, which, spot the lie.

Becca's certainly through with Arie (who state legislators are already threatening to outright ban from Minnesota), but would she take The Bachelor back? That alternate version of this episode would have been plenty of exploitation porn for The Bachelor.

However, once the Bachelor premiere aired on New Year's Day, Becca says some red flags were raised about their relationship.

Cameras followed Becca K.to her room and then the bathroom as she sobbed for what seemed like an eternity (make sure that boom mic is hot so you don't miss any of the nat sound, guys!). Picking Becca, who was totally ready to get married, was a safe choice. He admits he loves Lauren, but he ends up picking Becca anyway and proposes to her. "She talked about it when we cast her", he revealed, adding, "Lauren went to a racing event in Dallas that Arie was racing in, and she met him and it was a very brief thing". Saw it. The sudden turn into mortification as Becca realized this entire exchange was being filmed? The toast of Scottsdale put the nail in his already flailing reputation when he made a decision to break up with Becca, the woman he proposed to, because he wants to see if there's still a possibility with his runner-up, Lauren.

Being the saint she is, Becca says, "I hope you find what you want", before getting up and leaving.

Again, nothing about this was inevitable. "Leave", "leave" the viewers kept tweeting while you hung around with the cameras watching Becca break down.

As for what's next for the couple, they're understandably fleeing the country "going on vacation". So, it sounds like Burnham may have been a fan before Luyendyk became the most controversial Bachelor in history. Seems like a private conversation. The lengthy clip of an empty hallway, overlaid with audio of Becca weeping, was cruel. A stream of tears started running down her face as she tried to grapple with what had just happened.

During Monday's episode, Becca - at the studio with Chris Harrison and a live studio audience - watches the footage. At one point, Arie does leave the house while Becca is crying in the bathroom.

Kufrin quickly sent the ex packing, leaving her to focus on dodging alpacas and wooing Arie in Cusco.

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