This is what the US-Mexico border looked like in the 1980s

Welcome to California President Trump! Now skip the wall and let us educate you

President Trump is coming to California

US President Donald Trump toured the US border with Mexico on Tuesday and examined eight styles of walls, prototypes for the barrier he promised to build to keep out illegal immigrants and drugs.

"Mexico needs to say to Trump that a wall is not going to stop immigration", said Sergio Tamayo, a migrant activist.

Even against that backdrop, Trump's swipe at Gov. Archinect said there were solid, opaque options as well as four other materials, non-concrete prototypes Trump appeared to favor. The place is totally out of control. "You have sanctuary cities where you have criminals living".

Brown tweeted in response to Trump's Twitter account: "Thanks for the shout-out, @realDonaldTrump".

Speaking at California's Marine Corps Air Station, Mr Trump suggests there could be a "space force" akin to the USA air force.

A few hundred protesters assembled outside the InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown Hotel on Tuesday night as they awaited the expected arrival of President Trump, who attended a fundraiser in Beverly Park earlier in the evening.

It was something that Donald Trump always said he would do if he became president of the United States, and it looks like it is finally going to happen.

Trump was not scheduled to arrive in Otay Mesa until around noon, but people were gathered in the area hours before. His first stop was was to view the prototypes for a border wall he says would be critical for the nation's security.

He echoed those themes in remarks near the border and at the Marine base here. He announced that the Justice Department is suing California to block the state's sanctuary laws that limit cooperation with federal immigration authorities.

Brown urged Trump to visit California's Central Valley to observe construction projects paving the way for a high-speed rail line.

The suit targets three laws passed by the legislature a year ago that prohibit local law enforcement from alerting federal immigration agents when detainees are released from custody, make it a crime for business owners to voluntarily help federal agents find undocumented workers and create a state inspection program for federal immigration detention centers.

CBS Los Angeles said people peacefully protested Trump's visit, chanting, "No ban!"

"But bridges are still better than walls", Brown wrote. However, there was some discord within the border enforcement community elsewhere on Tuesday. Access to good health care. She cited Israel as an example.

The case Becerra refers to is a lawsuit filed jointly by San Francisco and Santa Clara County, which claim U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions' threat to withhold federal grants and other funds from sanctuary cities and counties is a violation of the 10th Amendment, which covers the principles of federalism and states' rights. Donnelly's suggestion on Schaaf was met with shouts of "Lock her up!"

That's after the government spent $2.3 billion from 2007 to 2015 to extend fences across 654 miles (1,052 kilometers) of border and more to fix them.

Their posters ranged from cheeky to impassioned.

Trump spent less than a day in California.

"We have to resist", he said.

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