This man is officially dead in Romania, despite his protests

Constantin Reliu 63 was declared dead by his wife after he had been out of contact for 25 years and did not know he was'dead until he was deported from Turkey earlier this year

This man is officially dead in Romania, despite his protests

Last December Turkish authorities detained him over expired papers and deported him to Romania in January.

The Romanian left his family to take up work in Turkey in 1992 and had no contact with his wife or family for any of the intervening 25 years. While now Reliu says she sought the death certificate to annul the marriage and it would allow her to remarry.

The daily Adevarul reported in local language that Mr. Reliu's wife told the court that since she didn't hear from her husband for years, she assumed he had died in an natural disaster in Turkey.

The court, however, told him that he was too late, and he would have to remain officially deceased.

'I am a living ghost, ' Reliu said. Thus, in 1999, he made a decision to go back to Turkey - with no thoughts of returning home again.

Variouslocalmedia report that 63-year-old Constantin Reliu can not be declared alive because he appealed against his certified death too late.

When his flight landed at Bucharest airport, he was informed by border officials that he had been officially declared dead and had to undergo six hours of interrogation. After years of silence from her estranged husband, Reliu's wife obtained a backdated death certificate for him in 2016.

Constantin Reliu, 63, had the shock of his life when he was told that he was, in actual fact, dead. Still, the judge did not budge and firmly stated that his appeal is useless for the court ruling is final.

Constantin has faced a major setback on Thursday (March 15) when a courthouse in the North-Eastern city of Vaslui refused to overturn his death certificate because his request was filed "too late". The ruling is apparently final and can not be appealed against, leaving Reliu in legal limbo. "I have no income and because I am listed as dead, I can't do anything".

Further, an emotional Reliu told the news publication that because of what happened to him, he feels a strong urge to revenge against his wife who is now living in Italy.

According to Reliu, he would like to file a fresh lawsuit but has no money and suffers from diabetes, which makes it, even more, harder for him to survive.

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