Tips and tricks to get more top 10's in 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds'

Tips and tricks to get more top 10's in 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds'

Tips and tricks to get more top 10's in 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds'

This puts it in stark contrast to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the other giant of the battle royale genre, which costs $30 upfront.

PUBG or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is now on your mobile device just like Fortnite only this time, you're winning much more easily than you would if you were playing on PC or Xbox and there's a reason for that. The best you can hope for is a team that's consistently within the top 10 teams in the world, because there is no dominant team in a Battle Royale game.

We've seen glimpses of cross-play connectivity rear its head for the Xbox One and PS4 in recent times, but usually as a mistake. Throughout our journey, we went from a pre-alpha build that only a few select players knew about to one of the most popular games in videogame history. Well, the Fortnite developers think that console cross-play will eventually become an inevitable staple in online gaming. The pack will be available for $4.99, and isn't limited to new players or anything, so even Fortnite veterans looking for a new skin can pick it up. I placed fourth with a whopping eight kills in my first match, and I chalked it up to the game being full of inexperienced players. Therefore this new replay system is going to give Fortnite another boom they are now enjoying. It says WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! and #1 on it.

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, a former competitive gamer who's widely regarded as the face of Fortnite Battle Royale, is hosting and competing in a unique tournament on the game on April 21st.

Those sentiments are in line with an early March news announcement made through the official PlayBattlegrounds website, in which a "much more intense and fast-paced" experience was being targeted by the new map's design staff. This game is not about the tactical realism instead it is about each game that encourages us to do in the world. Last week, Drake took to Twitch to play the game alongside Ninja, which eventually drew in the most traffic the website had ever seen.

Despite all that, Fortnite's success hasn't derailed PUBG or its colossal influence in the game industry. This will be awarded when you log on the game for free. And PUBG Mobile lets anyone get a darn good PUBG and battle royale experience wherever and whenever they want.

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